Citrus Palms

Vacation Rental By

Located in Sunrise

Citrus Palms is ideally
located on US 27, about
one mile north of the
intersection with US192
(just eight miles from

From MCO, Citrus Palms
is easy to reach via rte
528, to I4 west, to US192
to US27 north.

Disney World can be
accessed via US27
south to US192 to World
Drive or, to eliminate
some traffic, the
Western Entrance to
Disney World can be
reached via US27 south
to US192 to rte 429
north (toll road) to
Western Way.

Shops, restaurants and
the supermarkets are
just minutes away.

The area is more than
amply served by great
golf courses to suit
every level of handicap
and challenge
imaginable. They
regularly welcome
visitors and the green
fees, including cart, are
very reasonable.

Citrus Palms (Vacation Home Near Disney World)